Privacy Protection

1. Handling of personal information

This page establishes the policy for handling personal information acquired through services provided on Drive Traffic (hereinafter “this site”) from ZENRIN DataCom Co. (hereinafter “this company”).

2. Joint use of personal information

Personal information acquired via this site is used jointly with the East Nippon Expressway Company Limited (hereinafter “NEXCO East Japan”).

Jointly used personal information

Limited to personal information acquired via this site.

Purpose for which personal information is used

Limited to the purposes listed under (4) in this policy.

Party responsible for management in joint use

NEXCO East Japan

3. Acquisition of personal information

This site handles the following types of personal information as users make use of the site’s services.

The following are only examples and may not apply to some types of personal information.

Information registered by users themselves

  Email address (i.e. PC and mobile email addresses), sex, and other information registered on this site by users themselves

  Information provided by users via this site’s services and other company procedures separate from site services

Information acquired via service use

  Mobile device IDs, search history, and other information that can be used to identify users, acquired by this company through the user’s use of this site’s services

Information mechanically collected when users visit this site

  IP address and device ID information used when the user’s PC connects to the internet

  The user’s browser type and version, pages viewed, date and time, and products displayed and searched, etc.

  Information in addition to the above that is automatically acquired and stored whenever the user uses this site, such as access data acquired via cookies and web beacon technology

4. Purpose for which personal information is used

Personal information acquired from users on this site are used for the following purposes.

Smooth provision of services on this site

  For personal authentication during and after login, and the automatic display of member information on specific pages if the user is a registered member on this site.

  Other purposes that enhance the convenience of the user experience

NEXCO East Japan advertising and marketing

  For sending direct mailings (incl. email) and other information provision from NEXCO East Japan

  For the provision of advertisements viewed by the user in a format suited to the user’s individual characteristics

  For new service development and improvement of existing services


Handling inquiries from customers

  Handling phone and email inquiries from site users

Use of Google Analytics to analyze user data

  This site uses Google Analytics, an access analysis tool provided by Google.

  Google Analytics uses Cookie to collect data.

  This data is collected anonymously and does not identify individuals.

  You can refuse data collection by disabling Cookie, so please check the settings of your browsers.

  For more information, visit Google Analytics Terms of Service and Google Privacy & Terms..

5. Personal information management

  This site takes necessary measures to properly manage personal information and prevent leaks of private information, prevent information destruction or personal defamation, and prevent improper access.

6. Inquiries

  Inquiries pertaining to the handling of personal information are centrally handled by the NEXCO East Japan inquiry desk below. NEXCO East is a joint partner in the management of this service.

  Additionally, users may be required to prove their identification in some way for inquiries pertaining to requests to disclose of personal information, to change or add information, or to cease use of or delete personal information.


East Nippon Expressway Company Limited

Shin-Kasumigaseki Building

3-3-2 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

NEXCO East Japan, Customer Center

0570-024-024 (PHS / IP phone customers: 03-5308-2424), 24 hours / 365 days

Personal Information Protection Manager

Kazunori Sakakibara, Senior Executive Officer, Director, Zenrin Datacom Co., Ltd.