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This site is a joint operation between the East Nippon Expressway Company (hereinafter “NEXCO East Japan”) and ZENRIN DataCom Co. (hereinafter “ZDC”).

The real-time information on this site is provided by ZDC. Traffic congestion predictions, worksite restriction schedules, Aqua-Line windspeed information, and live camera data are provided by NEXCO East Japan.

This information is provided free of charge. However, if using the service via mobile phone or similar, the user will be responsible for covering packet transmission costs. Calling charges do apply to inquiries made via NEXCO East Japan Customer Center (telephone inquiries).

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This site provides road traffic information on highways managed by NEXCO East Japan, NEXCO Central Japan, or NEXCO West Japan (excluding the Shin-shonan Bypass, Abo-Toge Road, and Shiida Road) as well as the Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Expressway.

Road traffic information provided on this site is generally updated every five minutes using data provided by the Japan Road Traffic Information Center (hereinafter “JARTIC”).

As a result, actual road/traffic status and restrictions may differ in the following ways:

1. There is an approx. 10- to 15-minute time lag until actual road/traffic status and restrictions are shown on this site.

2. Due to changing traffic and road conditions, the road/traffic status and restrictions currently shown may not align with the current conditions on the road.

3. If the Tokyo Wan Aqua-Line is forecasted to experience wind speeds of 10 m/s or more in the next approx. 24-hour period, an icon will be displayed on the Aqua-Line.

4. In consultation with the traffic administrators, the Tokyo Wan Aqua-Line may be closed to traffic in some circumstances.

Highway tolls and route searches, traffic congestion forecast information, and service area / parking area information provided by this site are provided in collaboration with NEXCO East Japan’s “Dora Pura E-NEXCO Drive Plaza” service.

Although we always pay close attention to provide information, we make absolutely no guarantees regarding the accuracy of posted information, the adequacy of update timings, or the usefulness of information to users.

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If a user does not configure traffic congestion / restriction information email settings, or if emails cannot be delivered due to an email address change and the user has not logged in to the site for a three-month period, that user’s registered email address, saved routes, search history, and other data will be deleted without notice.

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